Dr. Chris Cox


Dr. Chris Cox at Arizona Metabolic CentersAfter almost 2 decades in practice, Dr. Cox has helped thousands of people regain lost health. Being a lifelong athlete and then losing the ability to be active and gaining over 60 pounds in his 30's, Dr. Cox found a way to lose the weight and get his life back. He has used this valuable experience to help others find their life again.

Dr. Lee Ann Kalaba


Dr. Lee Ann Kalaba at Arizona Metabolic CentersIn her mid-20s, Dr. Kalaba was an avid runner and cyclist. She literally ran herself into the ground, resulting in 2 severely herniated discs and significant weight gain. After diligently following her metabolic program, she lost 115 pounds. Now, Dr. Kalaba is on a mission to help transform the lives of patients, using improved health as a catalyst, so they can go out into the world and do something they never thought possible.


Fat Loss Advocate

Michelle - Fat Loss AdvocateI had always struggled with weight issues my entire life. I was captain of my softball and volleyball teams and was always a little bigger than my siblings and my friends even though I was often a lot more active. When I learned about AZ Metabolic Centers I knew that not only did I have to participate in this program but, I had to be the one to pass it along to others. I can now help people heal from the inside out and help you drop that unwanted weight! Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my daughter and stepson! I am so excited to be able to raise them and guide them through a healthy way of living.